Disinfection nebulizer

The nebulizer method offered by us was developed our partner and is based on a so-called cryo aerosol disinfection. The disinfectant mentioned above is pressed through specially developed nozzles and produces an extremely fine disinfecting "cryo-mist". This mist is able to deposit itself on all kinds of surfaces as well as in all cracks and pores and to disinfect them effectively within a very short time. The device can be used multifunctionally, such as for car interiors, aircraft cabins, ambulances, medical practices, retirement homes, kindergartens, schools, hospital rooms of all kinds, etc. The device can be placed within a room and disinfects the respective premises independently without special personnel. After nebulization, the room only needs to be ventilated briefly and can then be entered and used again immediately. No moisture is left behind. Surfaces of all kinds as well as indoor plants do NOT have to be specially protected, as the fog evaporates very quickly and the disinfectant used is very gentle and chemically non-aggressive.
The device has several mobile nozzles, and can therefore also disinfect larger rooms within the shortest time from several positions without problems. Of course, it is also possible to disinfect several small rooms at the same time. Fast and efficient large-scale and large-area disinfection is thus possible with almost zero personnel effort.

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